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Mobile Application Development

We at Eurys are have vide experience in Mobile Apps Development for Enterprise and Government.

IPhone Apps

IPhone is an ideal platform to develop all sorts of mobile applications that supports to make flexible and user friendly apps.

Android Apps

With our experience of Android Market Place coupled with our talented designers, we are able to design and develop apps.

Blackberry Apps

With advanced development tools we can make world-class BlackBerry applications and creative design optimized web services for BlackBerry Smartphones.

Mobile friendly websites

We also design mobile friendly websites which are compatible with smart phones.

System Integrations

Eurys philosophy of systems integration works on architecture methodologies, application-centricity for an enterprise. Our efforts are toward to build a robust, business aligned and optimized IT environment for business.

  • Ability to find the right vendor
  • Leverage the technology to get the system scalable
  • Expertise that transform your enterprise into one streamlined
  • Offering the right tool
  • Reduced business cycle time for a process

Security Solution Consulting

At Eurys we help you to understand what all your need to secure your business enviorment. Prepare by learning all you can from the latest data on threat patterns and the anatomy of attacks. Recognize where your organization is most vulnerable, where opportunity for data loss is greatest, and how it can be controlled and prevented.

What all we do?
  • Apply security
  • CCTV Systems and its implementation
  • Monitoring & Analytics
  • Identify & Access Systems
  • Facial Recognition Systems
  • Security Gateway
  • Advanced Security Program

Real Estate Advanced Security Advises

Today we are living in the era where the security is on the utmost demand. Now a day the security solution is of promise importance for a real estate asset.Our innovative security solutions and portfolio of services are tailored to a wide range of individual customer and industry requirements so as to optimally balance costs and minimize risks.

The Security Services unit advises the operating companies on all relevant security issues.

IVR Development

Eurys IVR has a system that calls numbers from a list or database. This phone dialer technology improves lead generation, provides a direct contact with the subscriber and gives more user friendly experience. The IVRS system shall dial-out to the subscriber and playback relevant information.

What all we do?
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Open interface for any customizations required based on client requirements
  • Easily create and delegate outbound campaigns with Campaign Creation Wizard
  • Automate outbound call activity assignments
  • Easily upload customer information and agent scripts in Excel, CSV, and XML formats
  • Produce reports on the success rates of specific campaigns and agents

GIS based System Consultancies

Eurys offers Assessment Services to identify the customer's requirement for a GIS system solution within the organization. Technology alone doesn't guarantee better decisions in organization. Eurys provides needs assessment services to ensure that implementing GIS technology solves the current problems and accommodate future needs thereby enabling our customer's to take informed decisions.

In the ever evolving IT environment, assessment is critical for every enterprise as it discerns the objective to be achieved prior to execution of the project (irrespective of fields). This helps in getting the enterprise prepared for the various business challenges, likely expenditure, timelines etc. in advance and thus helps in decision-making.