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Eurys InfoSystems is a high end IT consulting firm. We take on clients selectively and advise them on value creating solutions. We are into Integrated Technologies .We believe in advice that leads to results and are willing to engage deeply and sustainably with our clients. We consult prospects and client with end to end solutions.

Our team consults Businesses to use innovative IT Solutions. Our team has wide experience in Telecom, Security, Retail, Banking and Reality.

We do have a wide portfolio of customers across Asia and Middle East. We are currently Operating in India, UAE, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia.


To Achieve The Highest Levels Of Customer Satisfaction Through Timely Delivery And Integration Of Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions And Work With Our Clients On Technology Adaptation And Integration Throughout The Corporation.


To Be An Established Leader In The Field Of IT Services, Research and Development, System Integration , And To Provide Our Clients With 'Leading Edge' Products And Solutions. We wish to be most preferred IT service provider for budding startups.


Our primary business is client satisfaction.

Passion to Deliver

Passionate and Dynamic leadership, backed by extensive business know how and technology experience.

Responsibly Curious

We encourage our employees to be Intellectually Curious. This 'responsible curiosity' is what keeps our engineers and professionals awake working on innovative solutions for the clients, sometimes till the early hours of the morning. We try to put best of our efforst to bring in a technology and give an service for the client. We understand the technology responsibility and its effect in business.

Evergreen Technology

At the core of our technology is to provide future proof systems to our clients, so that their investment today is protected from changes in technology tomorrow. Through a careful study of historical data, we analyze products and companies that have been working on client's investment protection programs. This study helps us in guiding the client to buy the right product and ensure that future requirements are catered for in systems being procured today.

Quick Decision Making

By empowering our employees, we provide them the capability to take decisions, in the best interest of the company and the client. Regular feedback ensures that any incorrect decisions are quickly corrected, and employee training helps mitigate the chances of incorrect decisions in cases where on-the-spot decision making is required.


We understand that every business has competition, and some businesses even have sworn enemies. Confidentiality is therefore one of the core business practice that we follow religiously. Our partnership is selective, and focused towards long term engagement, making business confidentiality a necessary foundation of the relationship.