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SMS & IVR Engine- Eshuttle

E-shuttle exists in our elite line of products covering SMS, IVR and mobile Application and offering a multi-channel mode of communication from one platform.

E-shuttle connects SMS, IVR and Mobile Apps on a single platform to access mission critical data and deliver information at various levels of business cycle.

E-shuttle acts as a bridge between Information systems and communication devices. It allows to transfer mission critical data from the heart of the IS and reach to various channels accessed with the help of

  • SMS
  • SMS Portal
    Voice Push
    IOS Connector
    Toll Free No
    Android Connector
  • Oracle & MS SQL Plugin
    Missed Call Tool
    C-Panel Apps
    Contest Platform
  • 2 Way No
    Voice Edge
    Standard Apps
    Survey Platform
  • Email 2 SMS
    Speech Recognition
    Payment Apps
    Social Networking


The Control Panel provided by us is a complete web application interface with all necessary features to manage Bulk Messaging.

  • Import address book
  • Send Group SMS
  • MIS
  • Live Delivery reports, MIS
  • Select Sender ID
  • Manage credit / debit of SMS with transaction report
  • Single Account for SMS, Email and Short Code
  • Monitor Live SMS Traffic from User to the Gateways
  • SMPP Server or SMPP Router for Multiple SMPP Connectivity
  • Supports Outbound & Inbound HTTP & SMPP Connections
  • SMTP Connection for Bulk Email Services
  • Modem Based Sending & Receiving of SMS
  • Configure Multiple Short & Long Codes
  • Configure Multiple Keywords & Auto Replies
  • Parsing & Processing of Incoming SMS
  • Forwarding of Incoming SMS to API or Direct Database
  • Super features
  • Different Admin, Reseller & End User Accounts
  • White Label Panel for Resellers
  • Static & Dynamic Routing Between Gateways
  • Credit & Currency Support for User Balance
  • Single Screen Dashboard for Admin to View and Act on Users
  • Configure Live Delivery Reports
  • Delivery Reports, Open Reports & Click Reports
  • Manage Account Executive
  • Custom Payment Gateway Integration
  • Unicode Support
  • Excel Plugin
  • User wise and Plan wise Rating & Charging
  • Country and Operator wise Rating & Charging
  • Manage Sender IDs and Domains
  • Service Management
  • User Management & User Rights
  • Recharge Control
  • Message, Number & Email ID Blocking
  • Online Alert for Users
  • Support Reports
  • Reset Password Settings
  • Password Policy
  • Detail & Summary Reports
  • Auto Email & SMS Reminders
  • Client Communication using SMS & Email